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  • A Last Minute Proposal

    Marcus Müller-Oertel (Landesarchiv Berlin)'s picture
    Submitted by Marcus Müller-O... on October 31, 2016 - 5:01pm
    • Make TI/A a new file format while retaining compatibility with TIFF 6.0 (including technical notes)
    • Make ".tia" the standard filename extension, also allow ".tif" for compatibility reasons
    • Create/require a tag to indicate TI/A 1.0 conformity
    • Simplify radically by removing everything from TIFF 6.0, that is not needed now and in the foreseeable future
    • Do not keep features only because they were used in the past, we have TIFF for that
    • Allow lossless compression, but only the best one or two compression schemes, forbid all others
    • Require fixi
  • Final Draft submitted

    Erwin Zbinden (University of Basel)'s picture
    Submitted by Erwin Zbinden (... on November 3, 2016 - 11:14am

    Hi everybody

    This is the final draft that has been submitted to the ISO technical committee this weekend. I tried to consider your advice as best as I could. Many thanks for all of you for your contributions.

    Of course we are open for further comment and improvements. We will forward your propositions to the technical committee.

    Best regards, Erwin

  • TI/A and Compression

    Erwin Zbinden (University of Basel)'s picture
    Submitted by Erwin Zbinden (... on October 20, 2016 - 4:28pm

    Basically we propose for TI/A to recommend no compression. The reason is simplicity. Uncompressed images are more easy to render. And they are in wide use.

    Based on the survey of KOST (see below) we can identify that the following compressions are not in wide use:

    2: CCITT 1D

    3: Fax Group 3

    6: old JPEG

    7: JPEG

    8: Adobe Deflate

    9: JBIG bw

    10: JBIG color

    32773: PackBits

    >32766: others, proprietary

    There will be a risk that this compression will not be rendered in the future.

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