Ongoing Evaluation of TIFF files in three Swiss archives

As you allready might know we are presently evaluating TIFF files in three swiss archives. Lukas recently posted the evalulation results of the Basel Staatsarchiv. In collaboration with the swiss federal KOST (Coordination unit for sustainable archiving of digital documents) we are presently evaluating the TIFF file collections of the cantonal archive of St. Gallen and the Swiss federal archives. While the first one comprises less than a million files and is still ongoing the collection of the federal archives has 870'000 files which are now scanned. At the moment we look forward to the results.

As you can see these results are based on Swiss archives which is fine but it would be much better to have evaluations and results from several different European countries.

If you are working in a archive outside Switzerland please ask your responsible staff to join the evaluation. The more results we have, the better we can integrate the needs of archives holding TIFF image file collections.

Best regards, Erwin