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Proprietary Tags - Proprietary Software

I would like to comment on the results of Lukas' recent evaluation. Esspecially I would like to focus on the results of the photometric interpolation and compression.

Some of the values of both tags might stand for proprietary software. Allthough the evaluation results show no images in this perticular archive, we cannot conclude, that there aren't any such files in other archives.

If there are files stored in an archive which depend on proprietary software the archive gets a problem if this software will be discontinued in the future. So we should match proprietary tags with the software which they depend on.

The warning to the archive then should be: If you have files depending on software XY which might be discontinued (or has already been so, and your software is runing on old hardware, you are strongly encouraged to migrate now!

Please help me identify the proprietary software that might stand behind the tags listed in Lukas'evaluation

TIA, Erwin


The list of proprietary tags should distinguish, if possible, between tags which provide optional information (e.g., metadata) and those which affect the rendering of the image. Files with tags only in the first category would have a lower migration priority.