How to create a new post discussion?

IMPORTANT: only experts involved in this initiative as Participants and Authors can create or comment discussion posts.

The first thing you have to decide is in which section should I publish my post. Depending on the topic of your post, you have different sections inside Open Discussions: General discussions, ISO standardization issues...

Then, you have to enter in the selected section through the menu. Once inside, you will find on the top right of the screen a plus icon:

Create a New Discussion Post button

Click on 'Create Discussion Post' and you will get the following page:

Create a New Discussion Post fields

Here you have to fill the following fields:

  • Title: this is the subject resuming the post
  • Body: the content of the post. Here you generate HTML content using the top buttons. The last button 'Show/hide toolbars' will give you more options to format the text.
  • Attachments: if you want to attach one or more files to the post
  • Notifications: by default, all the members of the section will receive e-mail notifications of this new post. You can change who will receive notifications or you can select the option 'Do not send notifications for this update'.

Once finished, you have the option to 'Save as draft' (the post won't be published) or 'Publish' to definitely publish the post and send notifications.