Standardization issues

In this section authors and participants can discuss about issues related to the standardization process.

  • TIFF Baseline Plus Proposal

    Marisa Pfister (University of Basel)'s picture
    Submitted by Marisa Pfister ... on November 24, 2015 - 4:20pm

    In a recent meeting with adobe and the ISO technical committee, after a presentation of the problem an a follow-up discussion, a consensus has been reached about the name and the way of a standardization of the TIFF/A idea.
    Instead of a new file format we will develop a recommendation which standardizes the use of existing TIFF Baseline Standard taking into account digital preservation.
    "recommendation for the use of TIFF in archival environments"
    will be based on the TIFF 6.0 specification of June, third, 1992.

  • TIFF/A is now called TI/A (Tagged Image for Archival)

    Miquel Montaner (Easy Innova)'s picture
    Submitted by Miquel Montaner... on September 22, 2015 - 7:23pm

    Dear experts,

    As commented in the kick-off meeting, Adobe doesn't allow the use of the TIFF trademark (copyright protected). After talking to them, we agreed on just changing the name of the initiative not mentioning TIFF. This doesn't change anything, the initiative keeps the same goal and the plan is exactly the same.

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